New Testament Baptist Church was organized in 1930 by Rev. H. W. Wilson at 1010 Bringhurst in a small two room house that was referred to as a shot gun house.  A shot gun house was a house that you could open the front door and see out the back door.  Assisting in the opening of the church was his wife Cora and the first Deacon, Deacon Davis whose first name is unknown.  Rev. Wilson named his newly found church, New Testament Baptist Church-“The Church with the Lantern”.  The church name came from the fact that the church had no electricity and as such Rev. Wilson would hang a lantern  out every night he was having church service so that the neighborhood knew they were having services.  The church began its membership with three adults and three children, Sis Cora Wilson, Deacon Davis and Sis M. Cooper and her three children. 

As the membership increased the church began to take form, Bro. Ike Sanders was the superintendent of Sunday School, Sis Nellie Sanders was the president of the choir.  The membership increased to 300. 

In 1936 the ground was sold and New Testament Baptist Church moved to a little building at 1201 Market Street.  As the membership continued to grow the Lord blessed and Rev. Wilson purchased the grounds at 3602 Green Street our present location.  At this point the church had grew so that there were many deacons of such was Deacon Cotton and Deacon Sanders.  There were two ministers working with Rev. Wilson.  They were Rev. Rhodes and Rev. Smith.  Rev. Wilson and the men from the church were the builders of our new church.  In 1940, New Testament entered their new building.  New Testament served God in this building for 23 years and in 1964 the building was remodeled.  On November 22, 1964 the Dedication Celebration of the new building took place. 

Rev. Wilson health begin to fail and he entered the hospital.  Each minister had a Sunday to preach, Rev. Warren, Rev. Noles, Rev. Mitchell and Rev. Smith.  Rev. O. Mitchell became the minister in charge.  On December 16, 1971 Rev. Wilson passed away.  Rev. Smith became the minister in charge in 1972, while in charge the church was in need of repair.  And just like Jeremiah he began to rebuild the walls of the church and on March 15, 1974 the church was complete again. 

In 1974, the first Sunday in May, Rev. C. W. Amboree was elected pastor of New Testament Baptist Church.  The church was again remodeled under Rev. Amboree at this point it was determined that the church was not registered with the state of Texas.  Rev. Amboree set forth the efforts to create all the paperwork needed to put New Testament on the state records.  Along with the assistance of Sis T. Walters, Deacon R. Gay and Deacon E. Hough it became apparent that the church name was already taken.  The deacons voted and the church name of record became “Greater New Testament Baptist Church of Houston, Texas”.   Rev. Amboree health begin to fail in 2005. He was place in a Rehabilitation Center and passed away on June 16, 2010.

On   June 24, 2007 New Testament third pastor was installed into office to serve God and His people, Rev. Venton LaFleur, Sr.  New Testament now had a theme, “ The church that preaches the Word of Faith”.  After three years of service, Rev. LaFleur left New Testament to fulfill commintments to his outside employment.

God spoke and New Testament’s fourth pastor was installed into office to bring this body of God to a new level. Rev. Michael J. Tillman has a real understanding of Christian service and has a passion for God and a love for the people.  Rev. Tillman has a dedication to the church and it's members.  He has incorporated the church into the neighborhood to help bring about the revival of Fifth Ward.  

We are an historic people, our church ministry dates back to 1930, but we are also a contemporary people, continually looking for ways to meet the needs of those to whom we minister.   We love God and His people and we pray to be here on this corner serving the Lord until He returns!

Church History